Walking While Eating Noodles

As a foreign Teacher in China and Vietnam, I have decided to take up photography as a way to document my experience. 


Teaching In Vietnam

In 2015, I came to Vietnam. My experience in China prepared me well for life here. I find the students to be better prepared, the environment healthier, and the people generally less aggressive. This analysis surprised some people who clearly had no idea how extreme China is. 

Travel in Vietnam

So far this section only includes Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, and Phu Quoc Island,


Here is the collection of that I consider my best stand-alone images from all of the sections.

Teaching in China

I first went to China in 1999 as a university student. My five month study opened a new world to me. China had great potential. It led to my decision to go back one day. I took that opportunity in 2005, when China was trying to present itself as an open and modern country readying itself to host the world for the 2008 Olympic Games. I saw the optimism and obstacles on full display. 


Travel in China

I spent time traveling around the central province of Hubei. I also wrote about my trip to Yunnan Province in the southwest region.