At the time, I couldn't have known that the summer of 2010 would mark the midpoint of what turned out to be my decade in China. But it was. I had spent the previous year, 2009 to 2010 getting a handle on my first DSLR camera. That fall (Sept 2009) I had a lot of fun traveling to Thailand and back to San Francisco to photograph as much as possible. By summer of 2010, I was ready to go on an adventure.

In August, after my summer classes finished, I took the train to Yunnan Province. The far southwestern corner is much less developed than the northeast. There are no coal mines. There is not economic artery like the Yangtze River leading to Shanghai. In recent years, there has been fracking, and all of the water and seismic problems that come with it, but southwestern China offers a unique experience of China with its influences of cultures found in the neighboring countries. It is often described as the China that people imagined China to be when they first dreamed of coming to China.

After the trip, I knew I had some amazing photos and so I held on to them dearly. I copied them in multiple places, taking up extra hard drive space just so make sure that i had the photos backed up. I posted the trip report to my blogspot blog years ago and moved on to other trips and photograph collections, like the 2011 trip to Laos and the many photos from my new experiences in Vietnam.

But now, with a few years of experience editing photos, I want to take a look back at the collection of over 1,000 photos that I was able to cull down to just over 750 photos.

Train Ride Through Southwest China (15 photos)

Click on the button to navigate to the gallery of landscape photographs from the train ride through southwestern China.

Kunming, Yunnan (13 Photos)

Culture Park: Tea (18 Photos)

Kunming: Tibetan Restaurant (26 Photos)

Kunming: Cultural Park (11 Photos)

Li Jiang: Northeastern Yunnan

Xi Shuang Banna: Jinuo Mountain (19 Photos)

Jinuo Mountain: Pu'er Tea


Jinou Mountain: Dance

Dai Tribe Beauties

Kunming Portraits