Vietnam Gallery

Here you will find many collections of photographs in Vung Tau, Vietnam, I have also writing blog posts about Vung Tau.  

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Ruby's Wedding

Ruby was my first assistant at the center when I started working at Ky Nguyen in 2015. I was excited for her wedding and she was enthusiastic about having me photograph the event. I arrived for the Sunday lunchtime wedding after I finished my morning classes. The place was almost full with the 600+ guests. Plus, there was a wedding photographer and a videographer. So i stayed at my table. Luckily it was close to the stage and I was able to get a few good shots of the event.

On the Move

It is often said that Vietnam is best seen on a motorbike. In fact, the Vietnamese seem to be at one with their two-wheeled air conditioners. Here is a collection of my favorite photos of Vietnamese on the move.



Trees, bugs, flowers, and sunsets. If this is your thing, click here.

Essential Vietnam

This gallery is reserved for images that seem to be most typical of Vietnam. Here you will find drip coffee, conical hats, roadside treats, fishermen, etc. I look at these typical images through my eye.


In 2015, Ky Nguyen Training Center held a Halloween event. For a week the teachers had fun making all kinds of decorations. Their creativity really shined. 

Slideshow (here)

Linh's Wedding

In November 2015, my colleague, Linh, got married, here are the pictures from her dinner party. 


Here are photos from the beautiful temple grounds from one of the many temples in Vung Tau. This one was on Tram Phu Road.

Vic's Wedding

In April 2016 my colleague got married. Probably my best wedding shoot to date. The lighting was fantastic and I nailed some key shots.

The White House

This French colonial house is a popular tourist site. The grounds around the house are beautiful.

Phu Quoc Island

Hugging the Vietnamese coast near Cambodia, this little gem in the Gulf of Thailand, is an incredible vacation spot. It has got sun, food, and photo worthy scenes.