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Thuy Trang's Wedding

Thuy Trang's Wedding


February might have seen a wedding or two but I was visiting America then and missed any Tet holiday wedding parties. But March made up for it with two parties near the end of the month. There was a Saturday night wedding, like Nha Trang's January wedding. Xenia used to partner with Thuy Trang for a class or two and so she felt obliged to attend. 

This wedding was at a restaurant nearby work and we could quickly take our bikes there and not miss the main ceremony. I decided not to bring my DSLR. I would sit with my date and take whatever photos I could with my iPhone while I ate and drank and enjoyed myself at the table. Xenia wasn't trying to prohibit me from taking photos. She just hates anything that pulls my attention away from her when I am supposed to be with her. That was totally reasonable. So instead of feeling as if I had to punish myself, I looked at this as a photo challenge. What could I capture with just my iPhone? What could I manage to take by restricting myself to my chair? 

I drank a lot of beer. I took photos of the food and the people around me. I just happened to be sitting close to the aisle where the bride was being escorted to the stage. I could get a close up as I filmed her entrance. I edited the short clip on the iMovie app on my phone later that night. It was a nice angle. The various lights might have overexposed the images on my DSLR.  I might have taken a long burst as the exciting moments might have left me unsure which moment could make the perfect shot. Video was the best choice. The automatic settings on the iPhone was perfect.

Xenia and I selfie-ed a lot and she put on her clown face. She made her hair messy and posed like a witch. Th camera reveals one's nature in ways that nothing else does. I am in love with a complete if I didn't know that already. 

We ate lots of great food and as the the karaoke brought the evening entertainment to its height, we sang along from our seats.


Shortly after that, the mother of the bride sat with Xenia and tried to get her to take the stage to sing a song. What a great honor it would have been if Xenia would grace the stage. Xenia is many things, but a good singer is not one of them. She will be the first to admit it and not feel bad if people around her discourage her from taking the stage. As the negotiation got started, I took my position across the table to record the whole thing. Xenia used body language to politely decline the bride's mother's insistence.

Trang & Xenia.jpg

With all of the footage on the iPhone, I was able to quickly edit and upload to facebook where all all Thuy Trang's friends could see them right away. I had interested footage that is quite different from other wedding photos I have taken before. Also, I had a good night. One of the other benefits of staying seated and just enjoying the party, it gives other people the chance to take photos of me with Xenia.

Nha Trang's Wedding

Nha Trang's Wedding