Walking While Eating Noodles
Walking While Eating Noodles

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Story Central 3: Sneaky Snake

The class wanted to make a video for Sneaky Snake. This story is written in four-line stanzas in an AABB rhyme scheme. It is easy and catchy and so the students thought that it was one of the easier stories. 

Some students still struggled with pronouncing a few of the words and I kept their flubs in the video because they made it funny.

I worked with them on projecting their voices and looking at the camera. I had to choreograph them so that they were standing at the center of the imaginary stage when they gave their lines. 

At one point, a student named Bobby was constantly turning away from the camera before he finished his lines. There was nothing I could say to him and so I left it to Phil to explain to him exactly what I wanted. At another time, Phil caught Hieu trying to tell the answer to another student. I really try to emphasize self-correction. You will see Nathan make these corrections, Again, these are mistakes but they are the kinds of mistakes that a teacher applauds.

This is the longest of this kind of video that I have made. In the end of the video, there is a short montage of great footage that couldn't make the final cut but ought to be in the video anyway.