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Story Central 3: The Champion

At the end of April, the students retold another story from Story Central 3. I had them divide the effort so that each student only had to retell a small part of the story. It was then my job to stitch it together into the video you will find below.

The story is about a boy who leaves home at a young age to be a wrestling champion. He succeeds and lives the life of a hero. He completes heroic feats of strength throughout his life but as he grows in age, his ego grows along with him until one day he needs help but is too proud to accept it. His fate is left to the bears and wolves of the forest when he is unable to dislodge his hand from under a tree truck.

Many of the students still find this activity challenging. They struggle with pronunciation. They do not correctly project their voices. They forget the lines and are unable to speak in a full sentence without interruptions. 

I still believe that they will make great improvements. When I show them the final product, the video will give them a realistic about their English level. During the recording and with the camera lens on them, they will respond accordingly to the pressure. I think they will try harder. 

Sophia's Birthday Office Party

Story Central 3: Goanna and the Moon

Story Central 3: Goanna and the Moon