Walking While Eating Noodles
Walking While Eating Noodles

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Coconut Jellies

A few weeks ago, Ms. Duong brought homemade coconut jellies to class. She has been assisting me over the past few months and we have had our share of misunderstandings. Teaching is hard enough. Add a young new teacher who has to try and build an understanding with an older, more experienced foreign teacher who is grumpy in the morning. The task is daunting. She would forget to inform be about exactly which units the exam covered. I would teach the wrong units although I had a schedule in front of me and she was in full view of my mistake. She never got around to tell me. 

But she cares. She tutors some students in the evening. Although I do not know exactly which students come cor tutoring or how often, I know she is trying to do a good job by merging her style with mine. That takes time.

So I was surprised when one day she brought in the coconut jellies. The kids could hardly restrain themselves and I let my strict rule (of no food in the classroom) slide for this one day.

I also took out my Iphone and took a variety of shots. Once I got home, I pieced together this little video that you can see below.