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Island paradise: Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is absolutely gorgeous. Four days in December left me feeling that I have got to return to this island before too long. As of early January, the booking is taken care of for late January.

From Ho Chi Minh City, the hour long flight will cost $100 round trip per person during the Tet national holiday. Long Beach is blessed with soft sand and throughout the day has virtually no low tide. The water is calm enough that I can comfortably swim out 200 meters from shore to get a little workout before laying back down on a shaded beach chair. Don't be too alarmed by little stinging jellyfish checking brushing up against you, though.

In December, we did not make any effort to explore the island where there is a honey farm, waterfalls in the forest, and a pepper farm. We did not head to a remote beach on the South China Sea side of the island. They all seem worth visiting and we will definitely check out all of those places in January. Rather, we stayed in a comfortable bungalow with a hammock on the front porch overlooking a swimming pool. A short 10-minute walk to the beach allowed us to pass by a friendly lady at a fruit stand as well as a small restaurant where a young woman constantly beckoned us to eat. We must have eaten there at least 3 times as we passed on our way to and from the beach.

On the beach, for 150,000 dong ($6.50) we could enjoy an umbrella and beach lounge chair for the day. 

That was how we spent our days as little old ladies walked along the beach asking us to buy their fruit which they would cut in front of us and charge us anywhere between 20,000 dong and 30,000 dong ($1-$1.50).

In the days leading up to our trip, I would check the weather report online. The forecast predicted rain each day. We did not let those warnings deter us from going and that was a good thing. A forecast on a tropical island that predicts a 90% chance of rain might actually mean that there is a 90% chance that it will rain for around 20 minutes in the late afternoon. This kind of rain allows the sky to take a quick late-day shower. It is not unlike a beautiful woman who has spent all day at the beach. She needs to rinse the sand and salt off her skin and moisturize with coconut oil before getting ready for the evening. So too does the sunset shine with breathtaking beauty.

Island Paradise Revisited: Phu Quoc

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