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Time Lapse: Rain Storm

I care more about which direction the windows face than I do about any other aspect of the new apartment. This is not simply because I want to enjoy the view. I want something to shoot. Previously, I had to wedge my camera lens between the steel security bars on the balcony to get a shot to either the extreme left or the extreme left.

In the new apartment, I have a wide view of the sky and city street. In the first opportunity I got, I wanted to set up my tripod and shoot a few long exposures of the traffic. This technique turns moving light into glowing ribbons. It is a very basic technique with a DSLR and tripod set up. Not yet having completed the move to the new apartment, I brought my camera bag and tripod over but I left the shoe for the tripod sitting on my desk. Not willing to accept defeat, I wrapped the camera strap around the balcony railing and held it tight to stabilize the camera. In the short video I made, I also used the camera's video setting and manual focus to give the light a glowing ball effect that changes shape until it is recognizable as street traffic.

With the changing weather and amazing view of the sky, I wanted to make a time lapse next. Again, I was eager to do this and had not brought everything over to the new apartment. The clouds on this day were doing some crazy things. I could see rain pouring down over the ocean out in the distance. Again, I did not have the stand for my GoPro and so I rigged the GoPro to the balcony railing. This time I used a rubber band to stabilize it.

I set up the GoPro and left it alone for 10 minutes while I took photos of the distant storm. The clouds swirled and a white wall of rain tumbled towards us and erupted into hard pouring rain overhead. I captured it all on the GoPro. But I had to retreat back into the apartment as the wind whipped the rain into the covered balcony.

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