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On Teaching: Kindergarten Songs

On Teaching: Kindergarten Songs

Kindergarten teaching distinguishes itself from other levels by being experienced based, instead of book based. There are a lot of commands to follow and to make. There are a lot of things to touch, pictures to choose, and moving around.

Songs play a key role in teaching English to young children. They naturally pick up the words, pronunciation, and rhythm. Super Simple Songs is an excellent resource on YouTube. They have great videos for young learners. I keep a collection and many of the songs fit into my repertoire.

I am very glad when students request an activity. They often request one of the songs which I have turned into a series of movements or a game like the one featured in the video below.

The first time I heard the Walking, Walking," song, I thought that there could not be a more perfect song designed to drive me crazy. But I gave it a try and found it to be one of the more popular songs.

Below is a video of my class moving to the song:


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