Walking While Eating Noodles
Walking While Eating Noodles

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On Teaching: Class Montage

This summer, the school had the idea to have each class assemble a collection of photographs. There would be a class portrait, a few head shots, a few images to show what it looks like when the class is engaged in some sort of activity. 

When I heard about this idea, I thought 10 photographs would fit into a slide show set to music. I have occasionally recorded video and photos in my classes before. I could use some of that older footage and piece together a nice little video showing not only what we do in the class but highlight the funny characters who are my students.

This videos do not have to be finished until July 25th. I have made this draft to show my students in hopes to inspire them to participate more. The video is funny and cute but it does not highlight their English skill as much as it should. Unless the conditions are right, they often shy away from the camera and don't let me shine a light on their skills.

Hopefully this video changes their attitudes.