Walking While Eating Noodles
Walking While Eating Noodles

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Ho May Park: A Day Above the City

Atop Big Mountain is a special getaway in Vung Tau. A cable car takes you to Ho May Park. You are greeted by a guide in a golf cart who drives you a few hundred meters further up the hill to the main area. The guide then gives you a map so you can direct yourself towards viewpoints, amusement rides, flower gardens, etc.

At a cost of 300,000 VND per person, it is not exactly expensive and at mid-day in the middle of the week, the park is free of crowds.

I have never been to a city with a hilltop park before. The view is spectacular from many vantage points around the park. The park can easily be enjoyed for three to four hours. As early evening sets in, the colors of the setting sun are best enjoyed from this perch above Vung Tau.

The hand-break roller coaster through the woods was a lot of fun because Xenia kept begging me to slow down around the bends and not because the ride was some world-class thrill ride. We rode it twice and I had something to make fun of her about for the next 20 minutes. The souvenir photo we bought was out of focus. This is something I notice as an amateur photographer. Yet, it is perhaps my favorite photo among the 40+ thousand photos I have taken over the past 7 years. The photos sits in front of our TV.

Overall the park is a great place for photography. The beauty of the park stands out in Vung Tau. There are animals on display. Farm animals like horses, goats, and even ostriches seem to be well taken care of. They may not be the most exciting animals found in a zoo but the park management has animals that they can properly manage in a humane way.

Xenia and I went up to Ho May Park on whim while we were out for a bike ride this past Woman's Day. We both enjoyed exploring everything and want to return. I wouldn't call it a very adventurous place. It is a place to recharge your batteries. There is a resort at Ho May Park which costs around $75 a night. This might be a great romantic hideaway as well as a nice location for star gazing, astro-photography, and the best spot to view the sunrise in all of Vung Tau. But having just taken an afternoon trip to the mountain top, this was a great place to come just to get a different perspective of Vung Tau.





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