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Back Beach: Listen to the Naysayers

In November, I wrote about Back Beach which you can read here you should not believe the naysayers. A few paragraphs and pretty photos drove the point home that the resort area of Vung Tau is a slice of paradise with calm waters and shells littering the fine sand. Although the water was not Tahitian blue, it was warm and seemed wonderful.

I first noticed the beach strewn with plastic garbage on New Year's Eve. I wanted to run along the beach but found myself dodging litter so much that running was not enjoyable. The next time i went, I ran towards and away from the water alternating between the soft sand and the hard sand. I picked up over 100 pieces of garbage along until the area I ran in was clear of litter.

The water was frothing and the color looked septic. My noble New Year's resolution was over. I would not return to the beach.

Something else has been happening too. It is incredibly windy. Are these the trade wind of yesteryear that colonial ships used to heave off with the bounty of Indochina and the Spice Islands? They whip up the sand so high that the dust could be seen from a high rise in the middle of town.

I have been to the beach where the conditions were better than on other days. But as of now I cannot be entirely sure what I am in for when I ride over to the beach. It may be possible that certain times of years are worse than others.

For now, I will go so far to say that you better stick to the hotel swimming pools.

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