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Vung Tau: The White Palace

A French colonial house by the sea sounds like a nice place to visit. Alas, it is just a museum. But the White Palace is worth visiting for the grounds surrounding the dilapidated building. This may not be the Gardens of Versaille but the shaded walkways make for a very pleasant retreat from the afternoon sun in Vung Tau.

There are all kinds of little touches around the museum grounds that make this walk a fun photographic journey. Generally, mid-day is a terrible time to capture shadows but the trees provide enough shade to please a shadow seeker like me.

Entrance costs 5,000 VND which comes to about $0.25. This is meant to be accessible to everyone. But since there is not much to the attraction, don't be surprised if you have the place to yourself.

The house itself shows signs of wear, which deserves a closer look. Heater dials and tattered carpets are from a by-gone era. Generally, these are things that do not interest me. Window panes and mosaic floor tiles don't interest me much either but if you are going to spend any time in a French colonial house, those are the things that you ought to examine if you are going to enjoy the French colonial-ness of the museum.

Shooting a cannon with a Canon. The balance of exposure between the dark foreground and the over exposed sky was a real challenge. I had to play with the metering modes and shoot at a very high shutter speed to get the details right before bringing up the shadows in post.

Worth the time to make a second visit. A bottle of wine and convince my girlfriend to dress up as a model. This place can make some amazing backgropunds for a photo shoot.

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