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David's: Best Pizza in Vung Tau

David's: Best Pizza in Vung Tau

No matter how long I extend my stay abroad, tasting amazing food all over Asia, my heart will always reserve a special place for good pizza. I can live without pizza as I am not one of those people who subscribe to the belief that bad pizza is better than no pizza. In fact, the only times I recall ever getting an upset stomach from food in China was from the two times I went to Pizza Hut. I would forgo pizza, save myself for holidays when I would go to a place like Bangkok. But who would believe me if I told them that I went to Bangkok for the pizza?

In fact, I had stopped going out in the evening. The air quality had gotten so bad between 2012 and 2015 that being indoors was a refuge from the smog. I wanted good food. Inspired by the Food Network, I realized that I could cook healthier, more delicious food, not to mention practicing better hygiene than any restaurant in town. I could mix a drink quicker, cheaper, and stronger than any of the sausage fest bars which are typical of a third rate Chinese town. And I could study photography, blog and create content to stimulate my mind in better ways than any of the bar banter, that was mere recycled B.S. that I had found myself engaging in at any of the few expat bars.

I knew it was time to go. When I came to Vung Tau, I was not expecting to find, among other things, great pizza. And as if the heavenly gift of pizza wasn’t enough, the best pizza pie in town comes from a restaurant which shares my very own name. 

I am a lover of anchovie and the Diavola pizza, with capers and peppers is a favorite I often get again and again. The garden salads have anchovie to satisfy that taste. And if my craving for the sweet/salty taste of the ocean has not yet been satisfied, I might also order a plate of raw oysters which they have fresh everyday. For 200,000VND ($10 USD) I can get oysters on the half shell served on ice with wedges of lime to squeeze over the open shells already brimming with briny sweet juice. 

I have so greatly enjoyed the food that I have felt confident enough to try the pasta. I will rarely order pasta in a restaurant because it is so easily done poorly. But the pasta is freshly made cooked perfectly al dente and then prepared with light fresh sauces. The tastes are bright and make me want to overeat each time I go there.

David’s is definately worth a visit or two. Sit upstairs to enjoy the seabreeze. Evenings are most definitely busier but the later afternoon, in my opinion, is the best time to enjoy the view.

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