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Vung Tau: Catching a Glimpse of the Sunrise

Small Mountain in Vung Tau has some great views of the sea and is the ideal place to enjoy the sunrise. Unlike Big Mountain which has tall trees which create a canopy to protect you from the mid-morning sun, the path up Small Mountain is exposed. So it is recommended that you head up the hill earlier. 

The line between the sea and the sky is blurred. The mist still hangs over the water as the sun rises.

 The early morning light casts on the homes where the people of Vung Tau slowly wake up to greet the day. Before too long, the mists lingering between building burn off and the soft oranges are washed into clear bright daylight colors.

Most tourists are familiar with the statue of Jesus on top of Small Mountain. When they climb Small Mountain, they most often go there. But there is also an entrance to Small Mountain on Ha Long Road (Beach Road) by the large Mr. Ket sign. There you can take the road up the mountain to the light house.

The lighthouse itself is unremarkable. I didn't bother taking a single photo of it on either of the two times I travelled there. Come to think of it, I realize that I didn't even bother looking up to see it. I have little to no interest in shooting structures and only now I regret not having a picture of the landmark, simply for illustrative purposes. Also, the outlook is not entirely free of branches. To shoot it right, I had to position myself and try to use the overhanging branches in some creative way in the edges of the frame. 

The Statue of Jesus can be seen from the outlook point of the lighthouse. 

To catch the sunrise, be sure to be on top of the mountain before 6 AM. 

Small Mountain: Sơn Đăng Cafe

Small Mountain: Sơn Đăng Cafe

Film: "The Lover" (1992)