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Small Mountain: Sơn Đăng Cafe

Small Mountain: Sơn Đăng Cafe

Near the top of Small Mountain, but in fact just a few hundred meters below the Lighthouse, is a small cafe called Sơn Đăng Cafe. This cafe serves all of the drinks that one has come to expect from a Vietnamese cafe. But everything at the cafe feels ten times better, especially if you arrive to the cafe after walking up the hill after 8 AM.

But what makes Sơn Đăng Cafe special in a city full of cafes has got be to the view. The open air cafe looks out over the sea dotted with boats. The buildings along the coast can be appreciated for their colors as the strong sunlight reflects against the walls.

Sitting lazily with a coffee, as I look out over the city, I can take time to try to catch clear shots of the birds. The Canon 7d was made for shots like this. At a far off distance the auto focus tracking system works well at keeping the fast moving birds in focus. 

Vietnamese coffee is meant to be enjoyed slowly. Most cafes are set up so patrons can sit and watch traffic go by. There are many great cafes in Vung Tau for just that. They will be featured later and I will show my favorite cafes for sitting and taking photos. But Sơn Đăng Cafe stands out as a type of cafe to escape the buzz of daily life. To see Vung Tau at bird's eye level. 

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