Walking While Eating Noodles
Walking While Eating Noodles

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The Woman Welcomed in the Sharks' Realm

Above is one of my favorite videos of all time. Kimi Werner is an amazingly beautiful person and this video shows her lifestyle, personal philosophy, and what she can do. She is a spear-huntress in Hawaii. 

The video above talks about and shows footage of an experience where she had a peaceful encounter with a great white shark. As unbelievable as this fish tale sounds, the beautifully produced video is evidence enough that it is true.

I love to show this video to students. Usually I share it with high school aged students. I want them to see that there are some pretty amazing people in this world who are doing things that have no semblance to the paper shuffle that is their current existence. 

The video shows a woman who possesses a beauty that only exists in happy people. I want them to see that. The video shows someone living a lifestyle that requires intelligence but is of a life that no high school study prepares you for. I want to show them that the myth of the dangerous animal speaks more to our misunderstanding than the nature around us. I want them to question other such assumptions too. And most importantly, I want them to see that the world is full of amazing people who live lives that they might not have ever imagined and know that when they have the choice to pursue a life and lifestyle of their own, they are now less limited because they understand that they can have amazing lives too.

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