Guangzhou Day 1: Walking Street

We gathered at the train station in Yichang early in the morning. Everyone was excited and cameras were out.  The lead documentarian, Emma's mother (not pictured because she was behind the camera) gave different children tasks, like reading the announcement board, collecting the ID cards, etc. 

We shot off a few exposures in the waiting hall to help pass the time away before our train departed. Two days prior to this departure, I had returned from Hong Kong. So just days prior to this trip, I had taken the same train to Guangzhou. I am used to traveling alone and managing the inevitable boredom that occurs. This time, however, the company got a little carried away..

We were a little too rowdy and were asked by stewards to quiet down more than once. The seven hour ride down to Guangzhou might have been annoying for others and I should have been a little more considerate but I decided to be bad this time around,

Upon arriving, we were met by a tour guide who whisked us through the crowd and led us to an exit towards a parking lot where we were put into an air conditioned van and taken to the hotel. I have never left the Guangdong South train station so quickly. It is so badly labeled. Finding the entrance for the subway inevitably leads to me walking to one end of the station and then doubling back before I give up and ask someone or remember that mysterious exit 5 is through the side and around the corner. 

While most people in the group were excited to spend the first night touring around the Canton Tower, my roommates, Nick and his father, were interested in going to a public square area famous for snack food. 

None of the food really impressed me. The area featured few snacks that interested me on my first day experiencing the heat of southern China. There were lots of discount clothes stores and and tourist posing with metal statues that are a common fixture of walking streets like this.