On Photography: Favorite Shot

This photo looks more like a painting. I caught this scene while riding my bicycle with my girl friend on our day off. During the wet season in southern Vietnam, we are treated to incredible displays in the sky before the torrential rains pound down. Once the rains to hit, the clouds smear into a grey, flat mass. But before that happens, there is so much life and texture in the clouds. I could look at them forever.

Watching a storm come in from the sea, I watch as the rain comes down like a curtain. The clouds envelop the remaining gold from the sun far into the distance.

While shooting landscapes, I have learned to thing of the fore, mid, and backgrounds. There have got to be interesting elements in all three to make a beautiful landscape.


Shortly after taking this photo, along with a few others, Xenia and I ducked into a cafe to drink coffee. The rain was heavy and lasted a long time. We eventually decided to ride home in the rain, getting soaked. Our concerns of being wet and cold vanished as the ride was so much fun. The streets were mostly vacant. By now most everyone found shelter. So the roads were clear as we breathed in the fresh air and rode home in the cool rain.