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After a full day of travel to Koh Phi Phi, Xenia and I went to bed pretty early on our first night on the island. On our first full day on the island, I woke up early and was eager to watch the sunrise on the one peak on the island. From there I witnessed a fantastic view.

Having made my way up here, I decided that I should venture a little further. After all, I was sure Xenia was still sleeping. I had not yet had breakfast. I did not bring any water with me. And yet, I did not want to waste any time. I wanted to see where the trails led.

I would hike through the island jungle until I came to a small road. I followed the road and found a village.

Glad to be out of the jungle I took in the sights and was so glad to be away from the touristy side of the island with its shanty bars and hung over vibe.

The details of everything were so beautiful. I didn't spend too much time taking in any one sight. Everything I came across was more beautiful than the last thing I had seen. I was sure that I had successfully scouted out a beautiful trail. This was what made coming to Koh Phi Phi worth it. Here was an unbeaten path.

At the end of the path was a perfect patch of beach. All the more enjoyable because I had trudged through the jungle for over an hour. Having yet to break my daily fast, the waters were nourishing in a way that my soul had longed for for I do not know how long. I took a brief dip in the water and let myself float knowing that these have been the salty clear waters that have been calling to me all my life.

Sooner than I would have like, I left so to I continue my hike. Feeling clean, I was invigorated again. In the photo above, the long boat was piloted by a man who I chatted with briefly. He gave me some of his pineapple. I was grateful for his kindness.

As I made my way back, I walked along the coast as I didn't want to trudge through the jungle again. This proved to be a bit trickier than I expected. The beaches were separated by slippery black rocks.

I made my way over and around them. I came across some small fishing villages where men constructed wooden baskets, weaving long green leaves in the basket traps, and women sat in huts as squid sat in the sun to dry.

It was now a little after 11AM when I came across the large tire leaning against the rocks.

I would get back to the tourist area about thirty minutes later. I bought two bottles of water and a soda for a quick sugar boost. When Xenia saw me her anger faded as she saw I was a mess and perhaps borderline in need of first aid.

We went to lunch where I told her all about my excursion. She agreed to let me take her up the mountain the next morning.






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