Great Movies About Life Abroad: Romancing the Stone

It is a story of an armchair adventurer, Joan Wilder (played by Kathleen Turner) forced to embark on a real adventure after she learns that her sister has been kidnapped in Columbia. In a few scenes early in the film which look like an early blueprint from Sex In The City, we come to understand why she is so completely out of her element in the bustling South American capital. When she boards the bus heading into the steamy jungles inland instead of the affluent coastal city of Cartegena, she finds herself in real trouble until an Indiana Jones knock off (played by Michael Douglas) stumbles upon her. His role as a jaded know-it-all, who is reluctant to help her, paired with her smarts (despite being a fish out of water) builds great tension between the two. It makes for one of the greatest on screen odd couples on film.

Below is one of my favorite scenes from the beginning of the film: