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On Photography: Favorite Shot

1/1000 sec at f/2.8 ISO 500 28mm

In August 2015, I was returning to Vung Tau from Ho Chi Minh City alone. I had only been in Vietnam a few short weeks after spending three extremely long weeks in Taiwan. In both cases, my camera proved to be a great companion. Taking in the sights, I shot constantly. As motor bikes races by, I saw glimpses of beauty that I had but a fraction of a second to capture. I could make this a game over the duration of the trip back to Vung Tau.

As the sun set, the sky turned a beautiful purple. I did my best to keep my shutter speed has high as possible so to avoid motion blur caused by the van I was riding in. As it was 5 PM, the sky was not really this dark. The window of the van was tinted and so acted as a ND filter.

Seeing the man on the back of the motorbike holding up the spare wheel, I saw his head perfectly framed in the spokes of the wheel with the river and sunset back lighting him and the driver. I was able to take a burst of two exposures before the hillside would take away the lighting from this scene.

The Final Chapter of China

The Final Chapter of China

On Photography: The Photos I Never Took