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Yunnan: By Train

Yunnan: By Train

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I love to travel by train. The whole point of a journey is to be somewhere and not really care about where you are going. The scenery of southwestern China is so beautiful that I could just have stared out of the window all day taking shot after shot of the gorgeous scenery until the daylight disappeared. 

One of the most important travel books I have read was Riding the Iron Rooster by Paul Theroux. I had this book in mind when I decided to take the 36-hour long train ride across China. Theroux was a man who enjoyed time alone with his thoughts. The train is a perfect place to do just that. That was the experience I wanted too. I would much rather enjoy the slow gradation of air temperature and scenery that a train offers, as it pulls itself through the landscape, instead of being transported from one location to the next the way an airplane does.

Travel is a means of discovery. And I came equipped.  This was my first photographic journey to what is arguably the most beautiful region of China.

That long train ride did not disappoint.

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Yunnan: Dancers

Yunnan: Dancers

On Photography: Favorite Shot