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Photo Exhibit in Shanghai

I was lucky enough to have a photo be part of a photo exhibit organized by an expat photographer in Shanghai. It just so happened that the date of the event coincided with my travel dates on holiday. 

I contacted the photographer and asked about his show. The theme was entitled "Life of Leisure."  The first image of mine that popped in my head was of my students flying kites during a field trip I had accompanied them on back in 2013. I shared a picture with him to give him an idea about what kind of things I shoot. Then I searched through other folders to find many other pictures that also fit that theme. He soon responded that he would be happy to include the photo in the exhibit. 

I have many other photos that might have been stronger but I really had no idea what other kinds of photos would be part of this exhibit, so it really didn't matter. 

I think what makes the picture strong is the moment in captures. I could have easily missed this moment that was not waiting to be taken. I had to act fast. Below are the four images that this photo belongs with along with a record of their time stamp.

The whole moment lasted for only 6 seconds. Whether or not my image is technically good, I know that I positioned myself to capture a beautiful moment. It could have been missed. I had zoomed out as wide as possible and still part of the girls legs (at the bottom of the frame) and the kite (at the top of the frame) are cut off. That imperfection only goes to show that the action was very real and coming right at me.

This image does capture what I respect about photography--the moment frozen in time.   

There were a lot of other great photos but I didn't get to talk to people about what they do and how they do it as much as I would have liked. Some photos didn't seem to fit the "Life of Leisure" theme as I envisioned it, like the images of buildings, chaotic electrical wires, and nude silhouettes. Quite a few of the images were portraits and some candids. It was really interesting to see what kind of things were most appealing to people. I shouldn't be surprised that my photo didn't attract much attention.  I guess that is to be expected since I am not part of a crowd in Shanghai and not familiar with current tastes. Style is as important as substance, especially in artsy circles. 


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