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Bicycle Standing in Water: Kunming 2010

In 2010, I traveled to Kunming with my 1 year old Canon 450d with its 18mm-55mm kit lens. I was still very much a beginner but an enthusiast novice travel photographer nonetheless.

After 2 days in Kunming with a student tour guide, I went to a small ticket station to buy a sleeper train ticket for Li Jiang. We had to cross over the flooded street to get to the ticket booth that seemed to be well known to the locals as a place to get a ticket without having to wait in the oppressively long lines at the actual train station.

I am pretty sure I shot in shutter priority mode. The exposure balanced nicely. I have not processed the photo at all besides for adding a watermark and resizing for quick upload online. 

Also, I seemed to have understood a simple composition rule early in my photography experience. When composing a shot, one should pay attention to the foreground, mid-ground, and background. If you look at a lot of landscape photographs, you will notice a boulder in the immediate foreground that is meant to draw the eye into the scenery. Boulders are so overused that an alternative foreground object is a must. Luckily for me, the "Caution: Wet Floor," sign was fitting and even cause for a slight chuckle.

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