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The Goddess of Mercy

Guan Yi Pu Sa is a popular God in China. She is actually a bodhisattva which means she reached enlightenment but instead of ending her cycle of death and reincarnation, she continued to return to the earthly realm in order to help others find their path towards enlightenment. 

The island in the middle of Zhang He reservoir is named for and has a stature of the honored deity. Many of my students bowed and prayed to her. I captured some images of them kneeling in front of the stature letting their minds connect with the ideal that she represents. 


Although I am not a religious person, I understand sincere religious devotion to be a special type of calling. I feel a little humble when I am witnessing other people in practice. That is why I felt lucky to have captured the picture like the one on the right.









I was able to capture the following photo because Green and I accidentally walked the wrong way. We wanted to walk to the trailhead which lead to the playground area to look for some of the kids who like to stray from the main group. Instead of finding that trail, we circled back to the the top of the staircase from where we arrived. 

The mistake turned out to be fortunate because it hadn't occurred to me to look back after having limbed the staircase. The scene was beautiful. 


As we doubled back to find the trailhead, which would lead to a shaded area, which we were desperate for, I overheard some noise and so I looked back and saw this scene which quickly became an image in me mind. 


I had just enough time to bring my camera to my eye and burst a couple of shots before the scene was gone. 

I was unable to change the focal length because I as holding something in my left hand. That is why I was unable to include the statues head in the frame. 

It is unclear if the child is looking at the woman posing for the camera or looking skyward to the top of the statue. I like to think that children can see through pretense and judge with their hearts more so than adults generally can. Some children have a vision for the spirit world that most adults have long lost.

There is no judgment only separate viewpoints.






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