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Cold Consolation

Losing an article before getting a chance to save it is a cruel punishment. I have faced this before and I will face it again. What I had thought was a well composed thought on my work is nothing more than a jumbled memory. 

I have resisted writing about teaching and life in Yichang. It is hard to put down into words. Sometimes writing reveals what I think. Having the ideas composed as well as I can really lets me see a side of my experience that I really don't fully see at any single point while I sit alone with my thoughts. 

Writing really is another dimension. 

I like to think there is a reason behind losing a file before I had a chance to save it. But I know such imaginative thinking is just a consolation and one that never sits well. 

I was writing about advice that I had given my colleague Barbara about how to teach kindergarten students. I gave her two solid pieces of advice. And this afternoon, as I was telling her, I was thinking to myself how passionate and articulate I can be about what I do. There is method behind the clowning around and joyful nonsense.

I chose this night to write down what I had told her. Basically I said that 1) you need to be hands on with them and 2) you need to use mimicking techniques while teaching new words.

Those two simple statements grew into a 6 or 7 paragraph article about teaching with these two useful pieces advice as main points along with examples and greater thoughts that I enjoyed writing and which fell on the page rather nicely because there is is much wrapped into even the simplest piece of advice.

Now, it is a scrambled memory that I will have to piece together sometime later...and will.





On Teaching: Kindergarten Basics

Sara at lunch