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Links: Yunnan 2010

Links: Yunnan 2010

Recently, a friend was interested my pictures from Yunnan. She is graduating from university in the summer and plans to take a trip. She asked me what there is to do in Yunnan. While I could mention the mountains to climb and the tours to ethnic villages, I thought it was more important to emphasis the feeling the places gave me. I spent weeks reviewing my photos and remembering much of what I did and saw. Good traveling elves impressions that the untraveled don't even know of and the poorly traveled somehow missed. 

My trip was far from great but I was incredibly curious about the people and the cultures that opened themselves up to me. Although my trip was only 10 days and my interactions somewhat superficial, the impressions stuck with me for a long time. I often looking at my photos again and again. The collection of photos from this trip are some of my most cherished mementos from any of my travels. 


Upon returning, I was extremely reluctant to get back to work and to my life in Yichang. I had found something much more interesting in this life an it was within reach. I still find it hard to describe exactly what can be said about my impression. . But I am content that such explanation eludes me. I have the experience and the photos. Among other things, the trip showed me just how important my camera was. It is more than a tool. It is a companion.

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