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Gallery: DIY Activity

At Hyde, we had gotten in the habit of scheduling field trips, parties, and special classes. In the summer of 2014, during the summer term, we visited an arts & crafts classroom. They called it a D.I.Y. workshop where the children could make figurines out of clay



Green with one of the students


Green (the boss's actual name) wanted us teachers to talk with the students in English as they worked. But the students were immersed in their little art projects. Getting them to talk in English was not so easy. However, Green has developed a ploy to get them to talk. For every exchange, we were to give the students a sticker. If they collect five stickers by the time we were ready to wrap up the event, we would give them a small present.

The morning light beaming in from the large window created a natural soft box. Some angles created intense back light.  I was able to overcome it by using spot-metering. It created a heavenly glow behind the students.

Other times the same angle created a near silhouette. While not what I intended, it left the image under-exposed and interesting.

As a first time activity, this went very well. We never repeated the activity or thought how we could have made it more dynamic to find ways to make the students use more English during the activity. A reward system based on interacting with the teacher has its limits. In my years there, I had never seen the English activities get to the point where students talked to each other in English. But this type of activity was a lot of fun for them and they were proud to show the teachers what they had made.

Gallery: Xmas Parties

Children's Day 2013