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Gallery: Golf and Reservoir 2014

Gallery: Golf and Reservoir 2014

In December of 2014, we took the students on a day trip to Yidu, Hubei Province. The highlight of the trip for them was trying out a driving range at a new golf course. But for me, the highlight was the boat trip on the reservoir to the beach where we were planning to play different games. I wasn't really interested in tending to the students or playing teacher on the day of this trip. I'd much rather let them enjoy the freedom that a day outside should include. My camera is a great tool for training my eye on the beautiful things around me. Through the lens, I am observing the scenery more. I am spending my time looking for a great shot. This keeps me busy and prevents me from feeling the boredom that the long ferry ride in the cold tends to cause. The kids wanted to eat chips and let wrappers fly off the boat into the water. At one point, a full bottle of water rolled off the deck. I decided that I was not going to scold or correct behavior if the attending parents weren't taking issue with their garbage being left on the windy boat deck. This would be my last year in China and I had learned that no good would come to me if I tried to act teacher-like beyond the English stuff. If they wanted to sit around bored, unaware of the effect of their behavior, who was I to shake them from that? I just pointed my camera outward and the following photos are the result of that.

The golf course was beautiful in the early morning light. There was a brief instruction period where the attendant showed his skill. The kids were amazed by were not watching anything that was near their level. As I watched the kids make full swings and miss the ball completely, I showed them how to make a quarter swing so they could at least make contact. A putting green might have been a better choice than a driving range. In any case, everyone had fun.

In his mind, he has sent a ball soaring 200 yards. In just a moment, he will figure out that the golf ball is still on the tee.

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