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Chinese Gentleman

Spotted at Children's Park--Yichang, China, July 2015

Some things in China only make sense in China. Describing them in words can be exhausting and seem borderline nonsensical. A picture is necessary but so often the moments pass by in a flash yet manages to sear into the memory.

Take for example the above photo. Chinese men like to roll up cuffs, pants legs, shirttails during a hot day exposing legs and midriffs. It would seem silly anywhere but in China.

A Chinese man is also expected to carry his girlfriend's handbag. Having been in China too long, I might believe that this is a normal expectation. The folks at Wiser's Canadian Whiskey have a great ad which puts that expectation in check.

Still, good on the Chinese gentleman for doing what he needs to do to beat the heat and to treat his lady right. 

Still, I think the above photo illustrates what a western man should do...if he wants his western lady to NEVER ask him to hold her purse for her ever again. But chances are, doing so won't get you admitted in the Wiser Club of whiskey and wool sweaters.


On the Pitfalls for a Foreign Teacher in China

Leaving Yichang

Leaving Yichang