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The New Year's Pig

Earlier this year I published a post on my blogspot blog about having taken part in a tradition found in the Chinese countryside. New Year's Day is celebrated by slaughtering a pig. I went to my friend's uncle's house. He lives on a remote hilltop close enough to the Three Gorges Dam that we had to pass security check points.

I was completely fascinated in the process of killing a pig. It is frightening and sad and exhilarating all at the same time. As it turned out, death didn't come in an instant. The animal faded out like the final musical note still humming as the strings of the guitar or piano continue to vibrate after the player has finished the song.. Aware that most of the meat I eat probably comes from factory farms, I felt at peace knowing that this pig died very humanely.


Without a care in the world, the morning sun tickles her snout.

Without a care in the world, the morning sun tickles her snout.

Click on the picture to navigate to the blogspot post with graphic photos of the slaughter. Obviously I have no objection to the images but I will spare you if you think images of blood gushing from a pig's neck is not your cup of a matter of speech.




Click on the photo of the sun coming up over the mountain to navigate the blogspot link with photographs documenting the butchering process. Again, it is really interesting to watch. 

Day in the Countryside: Revisited

Chang Yang Gulch