About the Site

This site came into existence around 2014.

My interest in photography developed in 2009, while I was living in China. At that time, I mostly enjoyed writing about my experiences and only added photos to bring more interest to the writing. Over the years, I found myself enjoying travel photography and event photography more and more.

Both writing and photography are things I can spend my entire lifetime improving upon. This site is a great place to bring those two things together. Anyone who has put together a website also knows that beautifying a website goes through many iterations.



About the name

This name came about while observing street life in China. People there have the habit of taking their breakfast on the go. This means literally walking while eating an oily, soupy bowl of noodles. It never stopped being entertaining to watch and I watched in amazement as commuters multi-tasked..

I would watch the frantic beehive action of morning traffic with a passive disconnect. Doing two things at once that both deserve their own space and time seemed to be a constant theme during my time as a foreign teacher in China.

This action came to represent a lot to me about China in ways that conventional explanation fail to do.

About the Author

Born in New York, I spent my formative years in the San Francisco Bay Area. I couldn't leave there any faster. While in college, the humanities/foreign language department had a study abroad program to Beijing. That experience gave me new insight into my possibilities. After a year teaching in the Russian Far East and three years teaching in Atlanta, Georgia, I found a job in China. I have not looked back since.

!0 years in China felt like plenty. I now call Vung Tau, Vietnam my home. A year in, I find it to be a comfortable place to focus on my writing.

Nobody here walks while eating noodles. In fact, nobody walks. They all love riding motorbikes. But life abroad has taught me that a foreigner is a person who is in two places at once. Balancing this duality is part of the art of living abroad.